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  • 41+ hours and over 250 videos
  • Access for 1 year (with updates)
  • Downloads: templates, checklists, and tip sheets
  • 1:1 Office hours with an instructor
  • Monthly Q&A call and updates
  • Private Facebook group
  • Bonus: Crash Courses ($776)
  • Bonus: PDF of 2 bestselling books ($45)
  • Bonus: Digital Process & Workflows Course ($397)
  • Bonus: Digital Marketing Tools training ($97)
  • Bonus: High-Impact Trainings ($97)
  • Bonus: Over $1400 in partner tool discounts



Step-by-step beginner to advanced content with live examples, case studies, tips, and downloads to accelerate your results.


Get training, pass the exam, submit your planner, and display your credentials! In as short as a weekend or take up to a year to get your social media certificate.


Get answers and advice 1:1 from an experienced instructor. It’s like having a consultant on-demand to support you.


  • Getter better results faster from your digital marketing
  • Learn the most in-demand skills for career advancement
  • Gain foundational + advanced knowledge of strategy and implementation
  • Build an expert skill set across digital marketing channels
  • Build a digital marketing strategy and measure the results
  • Showcase your skills and expertise in digital marketing
Digital marketing now makes up over 50% of most marketing budgets – smart marketers and business professionals are growing their knowledge and skills in digital marketing to drive results and grow career opportunities.


FULL ACCESS for ONE YEAR to these eight master classes (including updates):

Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Measurement


Email Marketing




SEO Training


Google Analytics


Digital Advertising


Social Media Strategy

Taught by leading digital marketing experts, join NBI CEO, Krista Neher, and digital marketing pioneer, Allison Chaney as they detail proven strategies with a combined 30+ years experience in social media and digital marketing.

NanoByte Infosoft is an industry-recognized leader (15+ years) in digital marketing and social media training. This social media certification is accredited and recognized by OMCP and CPD – global leaders in certification. Upon the completion of your training, you will receive your social media certificate and a professional endorsement for your LinkedIn profile.


Our practical social media marketing certification gives you beginner to advanced content including strategies, tactics and pro-tips. Our video-based training includes:

  • Content organized in four levels: Essentials, Strategy, Management and Mastery to cover all knowledge and experience levels.
  • Engaging videos packed with real examples and demos.
  • Short video trainings (3 – 15 minutes) gets you exactly what you need when you need it.
  • Easy to navigate and skip to the most relevant content for you.
  • Over 40 hours of Master Classes, packed full of insightful information to make sure you get the most out of your social media strategy.
  • Bonus content and FAQs to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Cross-platform (Mac and PC) and can be viewed on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

We are committed to your success so we provide templates, resources, downloads, checklists, and tip sheets to make implementation easy and actionable.


Your social media certification includes weekly 1:1 office hours with a highly-qualified trainer. This is like having your own personal coach or consultant (worth thousands of dollars) included in your registration.

Get the latest digital news updates, case studies, high-impact advanced trainings, bonus materials and more delivered to your inbox each week. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group to connect and ask questions.


Industry accredited
42+ hours and over 300 videos
Access for 1 year (with updates)
Downloads: templates, checklists, and tip sheets
1:1 Office hours with an instructor
Monthly Q&A call and updates
Private Facebook group
Bonus: Crash Courses ($776)
Bonus: PDF of 2 bestselling books ($45)
Bonus: Digital Process & Workflows Course ($397)
Bonus: Digital Tool Reviews ($97)
Bonus: High Impact Training ($97)
Bonus: Over $1400 in partner discounts


Over 42 hours of Master Classes, packed with information that focuses on getting the most impact out of your social media.

Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy Introduction                                                  11:33
  • Why Should I Participate in Social Media?                                      11:44
  • Why Businesses Use Social Media                                                   5:50
  • How Different Businesses Use Social Media                                   10:36
  • Social Media Trends                                                                         18:47
  • The Importance of a Social Media Strategy                                     16:51
  • Building a Social Media Strategy                                                       5:50

  • Building a Social Media Strategy – Listening                                      2:11
  • Where to Listen                                                                                 14:11
  • Google as a Listening Tool – Google Search and Google Trends                                                                                                                         5:03
  • Using Google as a Listening Tool – Google Adwords                        2:10
  • Where to Listen – Niche Sites and Discussion Forums                     2:47
  • Developing Insights                                                                           2:38
  • Defining Your Marketing Goals                                                          5:42
  • Defining Your Target Audience                                                          5:19
  • Deeper Targeting – Building Personas                                              5:01

  • Creating Great Content – Introduction                                                 2:41
  • Creating Great Content – The Importance of Setting Your Content Strategy                                                                                               1:51
  • Creating Great Content – Building a Successful Content Plan           7:25
  • Creating Great Content – What is the Right Content Mix?                 2:14
  • Creating Great Content – Content Mix Case Studies                       13:46
  • Creating Great Content – Content Mix Per Channel                          8:04
  • Creating Great Content – What Does Great Content Look Like?      8:29
  • Creating Great Content – Be Visual                                                   3:20
  • Creating Great Content – Storytelling                                                1:28
  • Creating Great Content – Be Valuable and Helpful                           2:45
  • Creating Great Content – Be Creative                                               3:30
  • Creating Great Content – Behind the Scenes                                   1:49
  • Creating Great Content – How Often Should I Post?                        6:37

  • Tools – Overview                                                                             18:00
  • Which Networks Should I Use?                                                         4:35
  • Implementation – Building and Growing Your Presence                 13:10
  • Implementation – Prioritizing Your Efforts                                         8:11
  • Track and Measure – Introduction                                                    2:36
  • Track and Measure – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)                6:16
  • Track and Measure – Setting Your KPIs                                           4:28
  • Track and Measure – Setting Benchmarks                                       9:17
  • Track and Measure – Using Analytics to Adapt Your Plan                4:01
  • Setting Up Your Social Media Workflow                                           6:27


  • Introduction to Digital Measurement2:09
  • The Challenges of Digital Measurement13:14
  • The Goal of Digital Marketing Measurement4:05
  • Good Measurement Starts with Strategy9:00

  • What is a KPI?3:10
  • What is the Difference Between a Measure and a KPI?3:46
  • Working with KPIs: Examples of How to Use KPIs6:38
  • KPI Watchouts2:15
  • How to Set KPIs2:58
  • What Makes a Good KPI?3:36
  • The Three Types of KPIs Needed5:43
  • Looking Beyond KPIs7:45
  • Setting Benchmarks11:41

  • Assigning Value with Attribution Models1:51
  • Why Attribution Modeling?2:42
  • Attribution Methods Overview4:30
  • Standard Attribution Model2:40
  • Single Touch – First Touch Attribution1:54
  • Single Touch – Last Touch Attribution1:53
  • Multi-Touch – U-Shaped Attribution1:20
  • Multi-Touch – Even-Weighted Attribution3:03
  • Multi-Touch – W-Shaped Attribution2:25
  • Multi-Touch – Time-Decay Attribution1:42
  • Attribution Model Examples1:39
  • Choosing an Attribution Model4:13

  • Tips for Digital Reporting4:27
  • Analysis Overview2:38
  • Analysis Framework – What, So What, Now What9:11
  • Return on Investment Foundations4:25
  • Why ROI is Important1:43
  • ROI to Sales3:36
  • ROI Complexity: Example of ROI from a Coupon3:36
  • Why Calculating ROI is Difficult2:13
  • Smart Measurement with “Back of the Envelope” Math7:35
  • How to Improve ROI3:47
  • Steps to Effective Measurement2:56


  • Introduction: The Importance of Websites4:24
  • Why Websites are Important2:28
  • Is Facebook a Substitute for a Webpage?3:16
  • Determine Your Website’s Purpose11:06
  • What Makes a Great Website?12:37
  • The Website Design Process12:31
  • How Much Should a Website Cost?7:56
  • What Content Should be on My Website?5:52
  • Website Platforms5:06
  • Mobile Websites5:27

  • Planning Your Website Strategically32:38
  • Planning: Information Architecture12:01
  • Planning: Content Strategy8:46
  • Design: User Experience13:59
  • Social Media and Websites13:14
  • Development: Mobile5:19
  • Why Mobile is Important3:36
  • Development: Website Speed11:46
  • Website Analytics19:42
  • Website Evaluation and A/B Testing10:53

  • The Four Components of Information Architecture8:54
  • Create Compelling Visuals15:47
  • Including Contact Information in Your Design16:08
  • Home Page Design4:21
  • Using Site Search14:53
  • Best Practices for Your Logo on Your Website6:18
  • Design With User Intent in Mind11:18
  • Design: Using Image Alt Tags and Title Tags10:37
  • Best Practices for Forms16:52
  • Website Navigation Best Practices6:17
  • Five Tips for Good Website Navigation13:41
  • Choosing the Right Mobile Approach4:20
  • Mobile Friendly Design Key Elements5:32
  • Evaluating Mobile Friendly Design4:06
  • Common Website Design Practices4:26
  • Implementing Schema Markup7:22
  • Website SEO Best Practices4:24
  • Why You Need Keywords on Your Website2:33

  • Three Steps You Can’t Afford to Miss When Redesigning Your Website16:30
  • How to Add a Custom Google Map to Your Site11:22
  • Get Your Site Visitors to Write Reviews11:32
  • How to Fix a Slow Website13:37
  • Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager6:10
  • Five WordPress Plugins for SEO and Efficiency22:38
  • Website URL Structure: Creating Clean URLs11:28
  • Creating Custom 404 Error Pages7:38
  • Website Translations3:38
  • Avoid These Big Website Mistakes5:44
  • Website Usability Testing22:45


  • Course Introduction1:45
  • Why Analytics?2:08
  • Why Google Analytics?2:14
  • What Can Google Analytics Answer?1:37
  • How to Evaluate Success2:20
  • Analytics Reporting2:43

  • Setup: The Basics14:43
  • Setup: View Settings3:42
  • Setup: Filters15:36
  • Setup: Goals18:12
  • Setup: Google Ads (AdWords)1:39
  • Dashboard11:18
  • Dashboard Customization7:08

  • Data Introduction – Key Metrics7:51
  • Understanding Audience Metrics9:25
  • Understanding Acquisition Metrics7:06
  • Understanding Behavior Metrics19:49
  • Understanding Conversion Metrics7:58
  • Conversion Tracking Implementation7:55
  • Conversion Tracking Power Tip For Large Lists4:08
  • Gaining Insights From Conversion Tracking Data4:46
  • Measuring Google Ads (AdWords) Campaigns4:59

  • Good Measurement Starts with Strategy9:00
  • What is a KPI?3:10
  • What is the Difference Between a Measure and a KPI?3:46
  • Working with KPIs: Examples of How to Use KPIs6:38
  • KPI Watchouts2:15
  • How to Set KPIs2:58
  • What Makes a Good KPI3:36
  • The Three Types of KPIs Needed5:43
  • Site Search Tracking13:55
  • Get Rid of Annoying Spam Data with Custom Filters2:51
  • Event Tracking7:30
  • Segmenting Data8:09
  • Using the Channels Report for Analysis5:07
  • Using Report Advanced Features21:03
  • Using Primary and Secondary Dimensions within Reports18:24
  • Using Multi-Channel Attribution Data16:54
  • Adding Goals to Your AdWords Conversions2:28
  • Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager6:10
  • Using Behavior Flow to Evaluate UX5:04
  • Top Ten Questions Google Analytics Can Answer10:43


  • The Art of Productivity

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Are They Right For You?
  • Digital Marketing in 2019 – What ACTUALLY Works
  • 7 Biggest Mistakes in Digital Marketing and How to Avoid Them

63 Ways to Improve Your Content


Social Media Efficiency and Effectiveness



  • Introduction2:10
  • What is a Digital Strategy?5:34
  • Why Do You Need a Digital Strategy?3:07
  • The Steps to Build a Digital Marketing Plan2:39
  • The Importance of Digital Strategy Case Study: Hospital8:23
  • The Importance of Digital Strategy Case Study: Krista Neher5:38
  • Biggest Digital Challenges1:49
  • How a Clear Plan Helps7:43
  • The Benefits of a Clear Plan2:36

  • Building a Solid Strategy Step 1: Listen4:48
  • Listening to Consumers3:19
  • Listening to the Competition3:59
  • Listening to Your Category or Industry4:23
  • Building a Solid Strategy Step 2: Marketing Strategy1:04
  • Marketing Strategy: The GSOT Framework9:01
  • Marketing Strategy: What is a Goal?2:38
  • Marketing Strategy: What is a Strategy?6:51
  • Marketing Strategy: What is an Objective?8:01
  • Marketing Strategy: What is a Tactic?5:33
  • Marketing Strategy: The Customer Experience5:13
  • Marketing Strategy: Buying is a Process2:43
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA”3:18
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA” – Attract6:01
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA” – Nurture7:02
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA” – Convert2:29
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA” – Retain and Grow1:49
  • Marketing Strategy: “ANCRA” – Advocate2:47

  • The Digital Ecosystem5:37
  • Tactics: Social Media5:39
  • Tactics: Ads5:18
  • Tactics: SEO2:40
  • Tactics: Website3:27
  • Tactics: Conversation Marketing4:35
  • Tactics: Email1:54
  • Tactics: CRM2:43
  • Tactics: Mobile2:50
  • Determining the Right Tactics1:13
  • Connecting Strategy to Tactics6:22

  • Cascading “GSOT”3:38
  • Linking KPIs to “GSOT”6:48
  • Beware Simplistic Measurement4:33
  • Prioritizing Digital: Where to Start1:20
  • Prioritizing Digital: Hero, Hub, Hygiene9:43
  • Prioritizing Digital: Investment-Impact Analysis9:42
  • Investment1:40
  • Impact3:17
  • What if I Don’t Know the Impact?5:16
  • Analyze and Improve4:23
  • Integrating Digital5:00
  • Measurement For the Success of Your Facebook Page2:24


  • Why Email Marketing is Important8:35
  • Email Marketing Trends4:51
  • Effective Email Marketing is 3 Things6:03
  • Email Strategy10:46
  • Building an Email Plan3:39
  • Email Software Options9:18
  • CAN-SPAM Act2:47

  • Email Strategy and Examples21:24
  • Target Audience7:46
  • Get Email Addresses in 3 Ways1:02
  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Lists3:41
  • Collecting Email Addresses Online9:46
  • Best Practices for Opt-in Forms9:36
  • Collecting Email Addresses Offline8:37
  • Touchpoint Analysis4:55
  • Why Will People Share Their Email Addresses5:31
  • Sending Emails – Platforms2:29
  • Anatomy of an Email11:24
  • Sending Emails – Deliverability8:39
  • When is the Best Time to Send an Email11:18
  • Driving Email Opens12:50
  • Driving Email Action7:49
  • Driving Email Action with Personalization9:31
  • Driving Email Action with Great Content24:57
  • Tips for Successful Strategy2:37

  • Analyze and Optimize2:14
  • Email Metrics1:56
  • Email Metrics – CTR1:47
  • Email Metrics – Conversion Rate2:38
  • Email Metrics – Bounce Rate3:42
  • Email Metrics – Growth Rate2:25
  • Email Metrics – Share Forward Rate1:40
  • Email Metrics – ROI2:08
  • Unreliable Email Metrics3:53
  • What are Good Metrics?11:03
  • Gaining Insights from Metrics2:38
  • What to Optimize14:13
  • A/B Testing10:16

  • Emails That Improve ROI7:01
  • Email Autoresponders4:04
  • Segmentation11:15
  • Google Analytics: Conversion Tracking Implementation7:55


  • 01 – What is SEO?1:31
  • SEO as Part of an Integrated Strategy2:11
  • The History and Future of SEO3:12
  • Why SEO is Important6:08
  • How Search Engines Work3:53
  • The “ART” of SEO2:52

  • Building a Strategic SEO Plan3:27
  • Industry & Audience Research16:04
  • Competitor Research8:15
  • Keyword Research16:10
  • SEO Strategy3:02
  • Technical Strategy9:37
  • Full-Funnel SEO11:31
  • Unique Selling Proposition2:22
  • Links4:04
  • Analytics4:47

  • Market Research & Analysis10:53
  • Market Research: Influencers7:25
  • Competitor Research11:32
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 1 Create Seed List5:41
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 2 Research8:11
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 3 Refine2:49
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 4 Identify Keyword Targets9:06
  • Keyword Matrix15:49
  • Strategy: Align KPIs to Goals9:10
  • Authority Audit: Links8:08
  • Backlink Analysis on Competitors2:38
  • Good vs. Bad Links7:45
  • Linkable Assets2:22
  • Link Outreach3:38
  • Relevance Audit: Content23:31
  • Technical Audit: Setup11:30
  • Technical Audit: Server11:20
  • Technical Audit: Site Wide14:39
  • Technical Audit: On-Page11:23
  • Technical Audit: Images4:48
  • Technical Audit: Mobile1:58
  • Technical Audit: Architecture & Linking6:41

  • Timeline For Effective SEO Planning8:34
  • Link Disavow8:41
  • Identify Link Opportunities19:41
  • Mobile SEO and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)3:34
  • Dominate the SERPs15:22

  • How Do I Get My Local Business More Visibility in Google?4:56
  • How Do I Get More Positive Reviews?3:30
  • Should I Have Keywords In My Domain Name?2:20
  • Does Social Media Help SEO?2:14
  • Should My Site Be Secure?1:51


  • Introduction1:49
  • Trends in Digital Advertising8:13
  • The Benefits of Digital Advertising11:32
  • The Challenges of Digital Advertising7:45
  • How to Grow Media Impact4:47
  • Ad Channel Overview10:33
  • Ad Formats3:08
  • Steps to Building an Ad Plan4:36
  • What Do You Want?6:35
  • Who Do You Want?5:34
  • Overview of Facebook Ads8:52
  • Overview of Search Ads3:29
  • Overview of Display Ads5:26
  • Overview of Video Ads2:04

  • Define Your Target Better2:48
  • Retargeting3:50
  • Setting Up A Retargeting Ad3:11
  • Look-a-Like4:37
  • Where Will You Connect?4:56
  • How to Choose Your Channel10:38
  • Tips to Maximize Channels2:58
  • What Creative Format?4:51
  • Creative Best Practives5:33
  • Best Practices Per Channel3:44
  • Case Studies8:51

  • Dynamic Ads2:30
  • Creative Testing4:10
  • Creative Testing A/B Testing vs. Variant7:58
  • Connect the Full Chain2:53
  • How Ads Are Bought5:47
  • Bidding7:31
  • Auction – Advertising Ecosystem4:25
  • Buy – Reach & Frequency4:07

  • Media Planning7:05
  • Ad Frequency and Creative Refresh9:34
  • Media Plan vs. Greatest Hits3:43
  • Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads6:12
  • Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads in Action5:27
  • How to Optimize18:02
  • Setting KPIs5:25
  • Measurement7:49
  • Comparing Across Platforms2:39
  • Viewability6:32
  • Ad Fraud4:41
  • Programmatic5:43


Social Media Automation with ITFFF

Social Media Scheduling with BufferApp

Twitter Automation: Buffer

Twitter Automation: ManageFlitter

Add Custom Social Media Feeds to Your Website with

Landscape by SproutSocial

  • Creating Videos with Adobe Spark
  • Creating Images with Adobe Spark
  • Creating Infographics with Piktochart
  • Creating Beautiful Images with Canva
  • Creating Videos with Animoto
  • Color Picker Tools
  • Add Motion Effects to Your Images with Pixaloop

  • Organize and Manage Your SEO with Screaming Frog
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis with SEMrush
  • Google Trends
  • Run an SEO Audit On Your Site with WooRank

  • Understand Trending Content with BuzzSumo
  • Portent Content Idea Generator
  • Get Headline Inspiration (Maybe?) with Linkbait Generator
  • Focus Your Keyword Research with Answer the Public

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Having began as a total startup in the beginning, we understand all of the obstacles, hardships and challenges small business owners face. While we’ve grown tremendously since we were first founded, we have never (and will never) forget what it is like to be a small business owner juggling everything just trying to grow. It’s not small feat, but we’re thankful for our journey because it causes us to put a bigger emphasis on anticipating your needs and meeting them with our services. Whether you’ve dabbled a little bit on digital marketing but need help, understand digital marketing but don’t have the time to execute it properly or don’t know the first thing about digital marketing and the internet, we are here to meet you right where you are and get your business growing.



The industries we serve are not limited to a set few. We have helped small business owners in dentistry, ecommerce, law, food and hospitality, real estate and many more. Working with a digital marketing team that already has experience helping others in your industry succeed can you give peace of mind that we know what we’re doing not just in digital marketing, but specifically in marketing within your field of work. We still complete thorough research on your specific business and competition and such because no two businesses are the same, but being well-versed in countless industries definitely makes things more efficient and effective for us in marketing your business! Why would you settle for an average, cookie cutter marketing approach when you can work with an agency that has already carved a path to success within your specific industry? Trust NanoByte Infosoft to garner the results you’re looking for.



Whether you work with a smaller boutique marketing agency or a huge corporation to market your business, either way business owners often experience the fear of not being a priority. Smaller agencies often bite off more than they can chew, stretch themselves thin trying to serve as many clients as they can and provide you with mediocre service as a result. You may run into unreasonably long turnaround times, or receive poorly-executed work in this case. Oppositely, to bigger, corporate marketing chains you run the risk of being another client to them: another number to perform the same cardboard marketing efforts for. Not to mention larger agencies can afford to charge you an arm and leg for strategies that (in our opinion) don’t warrant the cost. That’s why we created NanoByte Infosoft with you in mind. We’re aware of the struggles listed (and not listed!) here that you as the business owner endure when looking for the perfect digital marketing agency to represent you. Your business is your baby, we get it! You want to partner with an expert company that is going to care about your business and your growth as much as you do, and this is exactly what you get when you partner with NanoByte Infosoft. You believe in the products and services you provide, and we believe in you. That’s why we center all of our marketing services, our pricing and our team around providing the best service and results possible at a rate small business owners can afford. If you’re ready to take your online presence by the horns and expedite your business growth, take the next step forwards and contact us today.


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